Friday, April 24, 2009

Richfield Reaper Publisher, Mark Fullenbach Dies at Age 59

Richfield, Utah --

The publisher of the Richfield Reaper, one of central Utah's weekly print newspapers, died Wednesday in Price, Utah while attending publisher meetings. Mark Fullenbach represented the third generation of his family's ownership of the paper, which serves several rural counties in that state.

The Richfield Reaper as Gull Communications, Inc., is aligned with Brehm Communications, Inc., of San Diego, a corporate syndicate of several rural weekly newspapers. It is uncertain what changes Fullenbach's passing will have on the paper's management, which relies heavily on advertising inserts for current revenue.

A retired colonel and former commander of the Utah National Guard's 222 F.A. Battalion where his son Shawn also served, Fullenbach was a lifetime resident of Richfield, the seat of Sevier County. A vacancy on Zion Bank's local board of directors is created by his passing, as well as Richfield's Rotary where Mr. Fullenbach was a long-time contributor.

Fullenbach was 59 years old and is survived by his mother, Marge, his current wife Mari, children Shawn, Lisa and Heidi, step-children and grandchildren, all from Utah. Funeral services begin with viewing gatherings at Magleby Mortuary in Richfield on Friday evening, April 24 and will include formal services at the Richfield tabernacle of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on Saturday, April 25th beginning at 11am.

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